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Whether there is an event, a party, a family gathering, or a business meeting, men are searching for the best brand which can provide them the outstanding quality clothing at a very reasonable price. They are looking for the best dress shirts which can fit their attire for these kinds of events. is the perfect platform for the men which provide you the exemplary quality clothing Men’s Formal Dress shirts in Pakistan at a very affordable price.

Fabric Details & Modification:

At Button Down our shirts are Slim Fit made with fine Cotton, the Perfect Wear for Semi-Casual, Casual and Formal Gatherings. The Inner Contrast Cuffs & Cutaway collar are cotton rich and soft which gives the shirt an Elegant Look. We use 100% fin oxford rich cotton Fabric which gives an extremely comfortable and good look to all the men who want to buy the shirts from us. The Shirts are soft, warm, easy to wear and it enhances your personality and makes you look real and attractive.



Generally, the men want to wear shirts which can pair up with their jeans and cotton pants. The Button-Down provides you with a different variety of shirts. There are a number of categories of shirts available for several events which include Casual fits, Classy stripes, Print & texture, Pure & Plain, Casual checkers, and T-shirts. You can check them at the retail outlet stores.

Casual fits:

There are some gatherings where you want to feel more comfortable and easier, where formal shirts don’t give you a good vibe, then there stands a casual shirts category where you can get the comfier basic shirts which can give you a better look.

Classy Stripes:

Do you want to look classier and more attractive around your friends or colleagues? Then you’ve approached the correct men’s store where you can get several classical striped shirts and lining shirts which can give you a semi-casual look and groom your personality. They can also be worn as Dress shirts. You can get these dress shirts online also

Print & Texture:

If you’re having an event where you want to wear a formal shirt or you want to give yourself a classy look then you can check our print and texture category which includes the printed shirts and the textured shirts which are convenient for office wear or any formal event. You can get these formal shirts online also.

Pure & Plain:

Button Down also provides you with plain shirts and basic shirts which gives you a semi-formal look and enhances your personality. You can wear these types of shirts at any event whether it’s formal or informal.

Casual Checkers:

Most of the people love the checker shirts more often because they say that the checkered shirt gives a unique touch to their appearances. In the case of having a casual event, the classical checker shirts are the perfect attire for a care-free appearance and impression.


T-shirt is the topmost wearable outfit that can give a cool and trending look. It is easy to wear and the most comfortable piece of cloth. Here at the Button Down, you can get the diversity in T-shirts in which printed polo shirts are trending.

Find your perfect fit with our collection of casual and formal shirts in Pakistan with a comfortable fabric feel at a very affordable price. The most prosperous part of the online store of button down is that it is rich in availability in different colors and sizes.